OWASP Mobile Application Verification Standard Support

The Mobile Application Security Verification Standard is an important step toward building secure Mobile Applications. Ostorlab now adds support for generating compliance report for L1, L2 and Resilience levels.


Tips and tricks for developing & debugging Ostorlab Agents.

Tips and tricks to make your life easier when developing & debugging Ostorlab Agents.

Thu 18 August 2022


Improved Attack Surface Discovery, Mobile and Web Security Scanning

Largest release with improvements to Attack Surface, Open-Source, Mobile and Web scanning and much much more.

Thu 18 August 2022


Life of a Scan: how Ostorlab's open-source vulnerability scanner works

This article talks about how Ostorlab works under the hood.

Tue 02 August 2022

Release of Attack Surface asset discovery

Introducing Attack Surface asset discovery, configurable assets, improved scan instrumentation, and enhanced plans management.

Attack Surface Insights - part 2

Attack Surface is not just about open ports and services; this article covers key insights beyond the standard technical ones.

Latest posts

Mapping your Attack Surface - part 1

Attack surface mapping has become the number one headache of CISO's of most large organization, this article goes over techniques and tools used by Ostorlab to enable powerful and accurate attack surface discovery and monitoring.

Tue 17 May 2022

March-April-May 2022

We are pleased to announce a set of new improvements.

Sun 01 May 2022

What I've learned from my first job as a Software Engineer at Ostorlab

This article talks about the experience of Rabson Phiri who works as a Software Engineer at Ostorlab.

Tue 19 April 2022

Ostorlab vs. NowSecure vs. MobSF vs. Immuniweb vs. AppKnox vs. Quixxi vs. Oversecured

This article provides a comprehensive view of the security mobile security scanning solutions, while at the same time highlighting what truly differentiates them.

Mon 21 March 2022

Ostorlab is Open-Source 🎊

This is a major release open-sourcing Ostorlab and announcing tons of new features and capabilities.

Mon 21 February 2022

November-December 2021 / January-February 2022

We are pleased to announce a set of new improvements.

Tue 01 February 2022

How did we react to Log4j vulnerability? Read our analysis for mobile applications.

What is the impact of Log4j vulnerability on mobile applications

Mon 20 December 2021

Ostorlab Q&A with Safety Detectives

Wanna learn a bit more about Ostorlab? We answered Aviva Zack’s questions for Safety Detective about the Company, our mission of building Autonomous Security, and a bit about us :)

Mon 08 November 2021