Amine Mesbahi Articles

UI call coverage release for dynamic security testing
Wed 01 September 2021

Ostorlab released the UI call coverage in the analysis environment to show the UI flow exercised during the dynamic security testing.

Mobile Analysis
5 things every mobile security professional should know about WebViews
Tue 18 May 2021

This article is about WebViews and the security notions we need to have in mind when using these component in both Android and iOS.

Finding and Validating Hardcoded Keys and Secrets
Fri 30 October 2020

Hardcoded secrets are easy to find and might open a gate to sensitive data or privileged access. This makes them a great target for Bug Bounty hunters and Attackers.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Wiqaytna Mobile Application Security Review
Mon 15 June 2020

Mobile security testing of Covid-19 Contact Tracing Application Wiqaytna

[Online Event] Security of 3rd party dependencies in Mobile Applications
Fri 12 June 2020

Mobile applications assessments, automation of 3rd party dependency review

Hardcoded AWS keys in Mobile Applications
Thu 20 December 2018

This article is about how to manage AWS access keys when using AWS services in your mobile application.