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This update introduces new detection capabilities, new data & privacy controls, improved user experience across the platform, and bug fixes.


CocoaPods Supply Chain Fire: What Should You Know

E.V.A Information Security uncovered critical vulnerabilities in CocoaPods, leading to immediate patches, and developers must now remove unclaimed packages, verify dependencies, and scan their applications to ensure security.

Wed 03 July 2024


Bug Fixes, Detection, and Attack Surface Improvements

This update introduces bug fixes, detection improvements, and attack surface enhancements to provide a more seamless user experience.

Mon 01 July 2024


iOS TestFlight scan, Slack Integrations and other improvements

This update introduces support for scanning apps using iOS TestFlight, Slack Integrations, support for scanning web apps with an SBOM, and other improvements.

Mon 10 June 2024

This update introduces multiple new integrations with CI/CD pipelines, improvements to dynamic traces interception & analysis, support for the MASVS v2.0.0 standard, and many bug fixes.

This update adds the discovery of hidden web paths, detection of libwebp vulnerability, and new CVE detections.

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🚀 OXO v1.0!

OXO version 1.0, is 10x times faster, supports ARM64 architectures, and is packed with improved capabilities like scanning multiple assets, simpler and powerful CLI.

Mon 29 April 2024

Better UI, more concise scan report, improved detection of insecure webview usage, and multiple bug fixes.

This update improves the user interface of the platform, adds new detection for Webview-related vulnerabilities, and ships multiple bug fixes.

Tue 23 April 2024

Objetive C instrumentation, detection of insecure data storage, Regex DoS, and multiple bug fixes.

This update significantly improves objective-C instrumentation, adds new detection for insecure data storage and Regex DoS, and ships multiple bug fixes.

Mon 15 April 2024

Ostorlab KEV update for 02 April 2024

New vulnerabilities added to Ostorlab known exploited vulnerabilities catalog

Tue 02 April 2024

Detection of Apple's Privacy Manifest, liblzma backdoor, and Attack Surface fixes.

This update introduces fixes for the Attack Surface, detection for the liblzma backdoor, and a public store for agents.

Mon 01 April 2024

Addition of CSS Injection Detection, ARM64 support, and migration of Agent's Docker Images.

This update introduces fixes for the Attack Surface, migration of Agent's Docker Images to Docker Hub, enhanced detection capabilities for vulnerabilities, and support for ARM64 architecture in OSS.

Mon 25 March 2024

Security Landscape of Mobile Banking Applications in North America

This article examines the security of mobile banking applications in North America, uncovering widespread vulnerabilities and the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. It highlights the fast-paced technological advancements in the sector, alongside challenges such as supply chain vulnerabilities and the adoption of potentially insecure programming practices.

Tue 19 March 2024

Exposed Scan PCAP and JIRA custom Mapping

This update introduces a series of new features related to the IDE, Jira integration, OXO, and many improvements to the platform.

Mon 18 March 2024

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