Ostorlab's Victory at the Swiss Cyber defence Security Challenge 2023

Ostorlab clinches the top spot in the Swiss Cyber defense Security Challenge, showcasing their commitment to advancing application security automation.


GodFather Android Malware Analysis

In This article, we analyze the GodFather Android malware, which continues to appear in various formats and primarily targets banking and cryptocurrency applications to steal money and sensitive information for the users.

Fri 14 April 2023


New Dashboard, Better Insights

As a reflection of the many new capabilities and changes we have made, we have released a new dashboard providing better insights into an organization's security posture.

Thu 20 October 2022


Private Scan Management

Announcement on changes in the management of scan accessibility

Sun 29 December 2019

Ostorlab Mobile Security Scanner: Release New Portal

Ostorlab Mobile Security Scanner Release of a new portal to track scans progress and access scan history.