Strategies for writing super fast Python

In this article, we look at different ways to improve the performance of Python which is an interpreted language.


Where are all these 3rd party SDKs sending my users' data? 😨

Ostorlab’s new features are laser-focused on helping teams understand, track and search their attack surface, what attackers are seeing and targetting, and basically what can get an organization hacked.

Thu 02 February 2023


Taking Cloud Run for a Test drive

We took Cloud Run for a Test Drive, these are we what learnt.

Wed 16 October 2019


Python Concurrency and Parallelism: building a custom ProcessPoolExecutor

At Ostorlab we scan hundreds of Mobile Applications each day, each scan is very resource intensive but at the same time, since the beginning, we had to optimize the code for speed and maximize use of cloud resources.

Mon 18 July 2016