This update introduces various improvements to the XSS scanner, the functionality of the open-source CLI, and monitoring rule creation.


Support for Bitbucket CI/CD integration, IDE Enhancements

Support for Bitbucket CI/CD integration, IDE Enhancements and more.

Tue 14 November 2023


Security Enhancements, Compliance Mapping, and User Experience Upgrades

New release brings advanced security measures, compliance mapping, and user experience enhancements, including URL injection and OAuth account takeover detection, PCI/GDPR compliance mapping, and a 10x speedup in secret detection. Enjoy improved PDF reports, a new ticket/remediation UI, and better search capabilities.

Fri 13 October 2023


Support for SBOM scan in Circleci, AzureDevOps and GitHub pipelines & support for Multi-SBOM scanning

Support for multiple.

Tue 29 August 2023

Addition of CircleCI and AppCenter CI/CD integrations.