#autonomous Articles

Ostorlab vs. NowSecure vs. MobSF vs. Immuniweb vs. AppKnox vs. Quixxi vs. Oversecured
Mon 21 March 2022

This article provides a comprehensive view of the security mobile security scanning solutions, while at the same time highlighting what truly differentiates them.

Ostorlab Q&A with Safety Detectives
Mon 08 November 2021

Wanna learn a bit more about Ostorlab? We answered Aviva Zack’s questions for Safety Detective about the Company, our mission of building Autonomous Security, and a bit about us :)

Autonomous Security
Autonomous Security: Pushing Security Automation to the Next Level
Mon 26 October 2020

The article introduces the term Autonomous Security in the context of security scanning and defines 5 tiers of maturity.