Ostorlab, top 10 vulnerability management innovators of 2023 by GRC Viewpoint

Ostorlab has been selected as one of the top 10 vulnerability management innovators of 2023 by GRC Viewpoint.

Being recognized among other notable names in the industry who have been present for over a decade is an honor.

“Ostorlab’s success is driven by the quality of the platform and the richness of features and capabilities it provides. With no sales team, no cold emails or cold calls, Ostorlab product is its main ambassador.” A fact that resonated with the GRC Viewpoint in their vulnerability management selection of 2023. A publication that focuses on identifying innovative security and compliance providers.

This validation is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication in various areas, such as machine learning for vulnerability detection, like the application of genetic algorithms for XSS detection, knowledge graph for asset detection, or decision graph for backend vulnerability identification.

It is also a validation of our vision to build a unified platform that covers the whole lifecycle of vulnerability management, from inventory, asset detection, scanning, monitoring, and remediation. This helps save time and money and, more importantly, allows us to comprehensively address the unique challenges of vulnerability management, going beyond just running a scan and throwing the results on the other end of the fence.

We are grateful for this recognition and look forward to innovating and providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their security automation needs.

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