OXO Open-Source Improving

The latest update of OXO open-source introduces substantial improvements, providing users with faster startup and execution times. Additionally, this update enhances search capabilities in the CLI for more effective querying. Users now also benefit from increased customization options, including the ability to define accepted agents and specify in_selector in the agent group definition.

Mon 26 February 2024

OXO Open-Source Improving

OXO open-source is coming with new features and enhancements to facilitate its usage:

Enhanced Message Specification in Agent Groups :

  • Users can now specify the source of messages within an agent group.
  • Users now have the ability to specify the in_selector within the agent group definition. This feature overrides the default configuration set in the agent YAML file, providing more flexibility and customization.
    Choose accepted agent
  • Search by Risk Rating : Users can now search for vulnerabilities based on specific risk ratings or a combination of multiple risk ratings.
    Search with keywords
  • Keywords search in different fields : Users can now search for findings that contain a specific text.
    Search with risk_rating

Performance Enhancement :

  • By reducing the health check interval for agents and optimizing the scaling process, users can now experience faster startup and execution times, significantly improving the overall efficiency of OXO open-source.

Security Enhancements

  • Enhance the detection capabilities for path traversal vulnerabilities.
  • Refine the detection mechanisms for improved identification of intent redirection vulnerabilities.


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