New Features & Fixes in July 2023

We're excited to bring you a host of enhancements and features: open-source Flutter vulnerability detection, extended social auth support for Google and Github, AI-enhanced summaries, a sleek notification UI, and advanced search filters. We've improved geofencing support for India and UK, added new Flutter-specific detection rules, and fixed bugs in various areas. With a freshly redesigned blog and smoother navigation testing for Webview on Android and iOS, we're making your experience even better.

Sat 01 July 2023

We're excited to announce a series of updates and improvements designed to enhance your experience and security. Here's what's new:

🔐 Security Enhancements

  • Added over 200 Flutter-specific detection rules for increased vulnerability spotting.🎯
  • Improved vulnerability entries for various issues, including template injection, XML injection, ZIP path traversal, and more.🔧
  • Addressed insecure biometric authentication and client-side XSS among new vulnerabilities.🛡️
  • Launched an open-source Flutter vulnerable module for community contribution.🚀
  • Rolled out a detection feature for Facebook insecure devsettings.🔍
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in our PDF generation process.📝

🔄 Authentication Improvements

  • Social authentication now supports Google and Github providers, allowing for seamless and secure sign-in experiences.🔑

🧠 AI and Analysis Updates

  • Introduced an AI Enhanced summary and recommendation system for better decision-making.🤖
  • Added dynamic call listing to the analysis environment, allowing for more comprehensive exploration.🔎
  • Deprecated some iOS findings for more accurate results.❌

🖥️ UI & UX Upgrades

  • Revamped the notification UI for a more streamlined user experience.🔔
  • Added ticket count in the remediation menu for better task management.📊
  • Rolled out duration-based search filters to refine your search results.⏱️
  • Slots counts are now visible on the payment page for improved transparency.💳
  • We've also given our blog a fresh, new look!🌐

🤝 Integration and Support

  • Minor bug fixes in Jira integration support for smoother collaboration.🔧
  • Improved geofencing support for several countries, including India and UK.🌍
  • Bettered Monkey Tester support for Webview based navigation on both Android and iOS platforms.📱

🐛 Bug Fixes & Open-Source Contributions

  • Fixed bugs in AAB file support for a smoother app experience.🛠️
  • Fixed multiple issues in open-source agents like Truffle Hog and Semgrep.🐞
  • Released an open-source OSV agent for broader community collaboration.👥
  • Addressed minor bugs to improve Automation Rules functioning.🔄

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