Release of Attack Surface asset discovery

Introducing Attack Surface asset discovery, configurable assets, improved scan instrumentation, and enhanced plans management.

Mon 01 August 2022
  • 🚀 Release of Attack Surface asset discovery, a graph-based approach with improved coverage for better asset detection.
  • ⚡ Ability to configure assets with owners, color, notes, tags, location, and risk rating to ease adding context and influence vulnerability risk rating.
  • 📘 Collection of asset history with information like DNS, open services and ports, tech stacks, whois. This offers the ability to track changes and monitor evolution over time.
  • 🔬 Out-of-the-box scan instrumentation with opentelemetry and improved debugging of Ostorlab's open-source engine.
  • 💻 Open-sourcing of several new detectors for domain hijacking, recon, fingerprinting ...
  • 🎌 Ability to search applications on the store by country.
  • 📄 Certificate-based authentication for Mobile Scans and script-based authentication for web scans.
  • 🐒 New analysis environment for web applications with intercepted traffic and visualization of crawl coverage (this one looks awesome).
  • 📝 Improved plans management for large organizations with the ability to transfer subscriptions and resize them on the fly.
  • 🎩 Improved Jira integrations with configuration test, risk rating selection, and improved information synchronization.