March 2021

We are pleased to announce a set of new improvements

Mon 01 March 2021
  • 🪲 Fixes to the Analysis Environment indexing to enable code and file search
  • 📢 Deprecate Free+Analysis scan type in a revamp of the analysis environment
  • 🚀 Asset inventory model rewrite leading address a performance issues leading to 600% performance improvement of loading scans.
  • 🤖 Support for persisting taint graph for use by the Analysis Environment and future VulnAPI
  • 💐 Support for tagging of native function in IDE
  • 🔍 Add multiple new sinks methods
  • 🪲 Remove false positive in detection of RSA/ECB weak encryption
  • 🪲 Bug fixes to taint analysis leading missing detections
  • 🤖 Detection of valid Sendgrid API keys
  • 🤖 Enhanced detection of dangerous Webview settings and deprecation of non-vulnerable APIs
  • 🤖 Detection of insecure Zip leading to path traversal arbitrary file overwrite
  • 🪲 Fix Twitter API detection



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