April 2020

We are pleased to announce a set of new improvements

Wed 01 April 2020
  • 📊 Add generation of executive summary PDF report
  • 📢 New Secure risk rating to denote secure implementation
  • 📢 New Hardening risk rating to differentiate between actual vulnerability and missing hardening mechanism
  • 📢 Add support for archiving scans
  • 📢 Add support for exporting scans
  • 🔍 Add detection of new sinks and sources leading to insecure file write, insecure TLS and command execution
  • 🚀 Enhance performance of taint analysis and increase coverage
  • 💐 Enhanced representation of taint information
  • 💐 Enhanced representation of stack traces collected in dynamic analysis
  • ⚠ Fix inconsistency in risk rating
  • 🪲 Fix false positive in iOS detection for missing ARC and Stack Guard protections