September 2018

We are pleased to announce a set of new improvements

Sat 01 September 2018
  • Enhance CSRF handling for web scanning.
  • Add scan export and import feature for on-premise scanning support.
  • Implementation of ADB Proxy agent for on-premise scanning support.
  • Add collection of screenshots and logcat traffic during dynamic analysis.
  • New security rules for Android Network Security Configuration.
  • Fix false positives in Cryptography rules using static taint.
  • Rework of all rules formatting.
  • Fix PDF generation and add support for code highlighting.
  • Add support for kown pathes crawling
  • Add Artifact panel to store extracted source code, screenshots and traffic logs.
  • Add Xamarin source code decompilation.
  • Fix duplicate request testing by backend and XSS scanner.
  • Initial work on CSRF token detection and generation for POST request fuzzing.
  • Add support for inserting payloads in sub-pathes.



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