2022 at Ostorlab

2022 is a year that brings many global challenges, including war, economic uncertainty, and rising inflation in many parts of the world. Yet, despite these challenges, we at Ostorlab are grateful to have had an incredibly successful year.

We've tripled in size, served 5 times more customers, and reached over 10,000 users. But perhaps most notably, we've detected over 25,000 high risk vulnerabilities from remote code execution to domain hijacking - a testament to the effectiveness of our platform.

In addition to our strong performance in vulnerability detection, we've made significant strides in both product development and open source contributions. We released a new open source engine and over 25 open source agents and detectors, which have significantly enhanced the capabilities of our platform.

We've also developed the most advanced attack surface engine to date, leveraging graph knowledge to collect over 100 million assets. This has allowed us to easily identify the blind spots of organizations, resulting in better coverage and quality of our scans.

To make it easier for users to utilize our platform, we've added a number of new integrations, including GitHub Actions, GitLab, Jenkins, Azure DevOps and JIRA. We've also added support for two-factor authentication for improved security.

We've released new scan report standards (OWASP and CWE25) and improved PDF reports, giving organizations an effective way to showcase their security posture. And for our enterprise customers, we've added several management features, including license transfer and multiple license management.

Finally, we've released a new dashboard and collected over 100 metrics on the organization's security program. To top it all, we've also released a new, visually stunning website.

Looking to the future, our roadmap is more ambitious than ever as we work on cutting-edge vulnerability detection capabilities. We can't wait to see what the future holds.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to our team for their hard work and dedication and to our users and customers for their continuous trust. With their support and feedback, we achieved the success we have today.

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